We design
automatic machinery

ST4 Engineering is an integral part of Sinermatic, an innovative
supply chain network capable of ensuring quality and precision
in every phase of the automatic machinery manufacturing process
in a highly flexible and efficient way.

  • Mechanical design
  • Protection and plastic material
  • Assembling and logistics
  • Machinery services
  • Extra services
  • Handling systems
  • Electrical systems


Founded in 1998, it became ST4 Engineering in 2018
following the establishment of the Sinermatic group by IMA Industries
which enters the shareholding structure of all the production chain members.

Located in the heart of the packaging valley
we contribute to the development of a highly specialized area
in the field of automation

We are a family of over 40 technicians including engineers, draftsmen and designers. "Down to earth dreamers"

Engineering services

Cosmetics Industry
Metal Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Wood Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Acumulator Industry